The Royal Archaeological Institute (RAI) is a leading national archaeology society, with a history dating back to 1844. Its interests span all aspects of the archaeological, architectural and landscape history of the British Isles.

Through our annual publication of the Archaeological Journal and our programme of monthly lectures, we have a strong tradition of presenting archaeological research. We also give grants to enable research projects, host conferences and run specialist tours for our members to archaeological sites, historic buildings and landscapes.

The Royal Archaeological Institute is currently undertaking a review of its activities and effectiveness. To find out more about the Review and how participants’ data are being protected. Please see our Privacy Statement.

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Forthcoming events

8 DECEMBER Lecture (5 pm) by Dr Tessa Machling and Roland Williamson
Thursday 9th December 2021

Talking torcs: a craft perspective on Iron Age gold

Tess Machling is an Independent Researcher based in St Albans. Roland Williamson is a Museum Replica Maker of 40 years’ experience, and who is based in Cheltenham. Tess and Roland have been researching torcs since 2015, when they realised that the prevalent manufacturing theories for Iron Age gold torcs were incorrect. This in turn has led to an ongoing research project involving a team of goldsmiths, silversmiths and jewellers which aims to understand the methods used to create Iron Age gold artefacts and to examine how this may allow a better understanding of goldsmithing and trade/exchange/gifting in Iron Age Britain and Ireland.

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