Grant funded projects

2024 | Mr Peter Davenport

Excavations along Walcot Street Bath, The Town of Aquae Sulis

Aquae Sulis
2024 | Dr Andy Seaman

Fonmon Castle Landscape Archaeology Project: Analysis of Charcoal Remains for Radiocarbon Dating

Fonmon Castle Archaeology
2024 | Dr Tanja Romankiewicz

Geographies of Power: Environmental and economic analysis of two Roman Iron Age settlements in the shadow of Trimontium Roman fort

Trimontium Fort
2024 | Altogether Archaeology (Mr Tony Metcalfe)

Gueswick Hills 2023 research/ post-excavation analysis

Altogether Archaeology
2024 | Norton Disney History and Archaeology Group ( Mr Richard Parker)

Investigation of the Roman Archaeology of Potter Hill, Norton Disney, Lincolnshire

Norton Disney History and Archaeology Group
2024 | Dr Andrew Birley, Dr Gillian Taylor and Mrs Sonya Galloway

Measuring and monitoring the climate crisis facing our hidden history

Vindolanda Trust
2024 | Professor Steven Mithen

Rubha Port an t-Seilich: Post-excavation

Rubha Port an t-Seilich
2023 | Dr Peter Guest

Archaeological Excavation of The Roman ‘Villa’ At Hinton St Mary, 2023

Vianova Archaeology - 'Roman Villa at Hinton St Mary' project details
2023 | Dr David Petts

Dating Lindisfarne

University of Durham project page
2023 | Dr Gabor Thomas

From Tribal Centre to Royal Monastery: Settlement Transformations at Early Medieval Lyminge

Lyminge Archaeological Project website