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Book Reviews - Volume 171

These reviews have been published in The Archaeological Journal Volume 171 for 2014.

A Forged Glamour: landscape, identity and material culture in the Iron Age
By Melanie Giles
Reviewed by Peter Halkon

Published by Windgather Press

Accidental and Experimental Archaeometallurgy
Edited by David Dungworth and Roger C. P. Doonan
Reviewed by Tim Young

Published by the Historical Metallurgy Society

Across the North Sea: Later Historical Archaeology in Britain and Denmark, c1500-2000 AD
Edited by Henrik Harnow, David Cranstone, Paul Belford and Lene Høst-Madsen
Reviewed by Harold Mytum

Published by University Press of Southern Denmark

Anglo-Saxon Graves and Grave Goods of the 6th and 7th Centuries AD: a chronological framework
By Alex Bayliss, John Hines, Karen Høilund Nielsen, Gerry McCormac and Christopher Scull, edited by John Hines and Alex Bayliss
Reviewed by Sue Harrington

Published by Maney, for the Society for Medieval Archaeology

Archaeology, the Public and the Recent Past
Edited by Chris Dalglish
Reviewed by John Carman

Published by Boydell and Brewer, for the Society for Post-Medieval Archaeology

Celtic from the West 2: rethinking the Bronze Age and the arrival of Indo-European in Atlantic Europe
Edited by John T. Koch and Barry Cunliffe
Reviewed by John Collis

Published by Oxbow Books

Champion: the making and unmaking of the English Midland landscape
By Tom Williamson, Robert Liddiard and Tracey Partida
Reviewed by Susan Oosthuizen

Published by Liverpool University Press

County House technology
Edited by P. S. Barnwell and Marilyn Palmer
Reviewed by Malcolm Airs

Published by Paul Watkins Publishing

Curating Human Remains: caring for the dead in the United Kingdom
Edited by Myra Giesen
Reviewed by Howard Williams

Published by Boydell & Brewer

Excavations at Grimes Graves, Norfolk, 1972-1976: fascicule 6
By Ian Longworth, Gillian Varndell, and Jacek Lech
Reviewed by Anne Teather

Published by British Museum Press

Humans and the Environment: new archaeological perspectives for the twenty-first century
Edited by Matthew I. J. Davies and Freda Nkirote M’Mbogori
Reviewed by Tony Brown

Published by Oxford University Press

Image, Memory and Monumentality: archaeological engagements with the material world
Edited by Andrew Meirion Jones, Joshua Pollard, Michael J. Allen and Julie Gardiner
Reviewed by Oliver J. T. Harris

Published by Oxbow Books, for the Prehistoric Society

Is there a British Chalcolithic? People, place and polity in the late 3rd millennium
Edited by Michael J. Allen, Julie Gardiner and Alison Sheridan
Reviewed by Gary Robinson

Published by Oxbow Books, for the Prehistoric Society

Living by the sword: the archaeology of Brisley Farm, Ashford, Kent
By Jim Stevenson
Reviewed by Colin Haselgrove

Published by Spoilheap Publications

Marine Archaeology: a handbook
By Virginia Dellion-Musgrave
Reviewed by Nigel Nayling

Published by the Council for British Archaeology

Newcastle and Northumberland: Roman and Medieval architecture and art
Edited by Jeremy Ashbee and Julian M. Luxford
Reviewed by David Rollason

Published by Maney, for the British Archaeological Association

People and the Sea: a maritime archaeological research agenda for England
Edited by Jesse Ransley and Fraser Sturt, with Justin Dix, Jon Adams and Lucy Blue
Reviewed by Peter Clark

Published by the Council for British Archaeology

Prehistoric Materialities: becoming material in prehistoric Britain and Ireland
By Andrew Meirion Jones
Reviewed by Kate Waddington

Published by Oxford University Press

Presenting the Romans: interpreting the frontiers of the Roman Empire World Heritage Site
Edited by Nigel Mills
Reviewed by Matthew Symonds

Published by Boydell & Brewer

Robert Willis and the foundation of architectural history
By Alexandrina Buchanan
Reviewed by Warwick Rodwell

Published by Boydell & Brewer

South Wales from the Romans to the Normans: Christianity, literacy and lordship
By Jeremy Knight
Reviewed by David Austin

Published by Amberley Publishing

St Peter's, Barton-upon-Humber, Lincolnshire: a parish and its community. Volume 1 - history, archaeology and architecture
By Warwick Rodwell
Reviewed by Howard Williams

Published by Oxbow Books

The Anglo Saxon World
By Nicholas J. Higham and Martin J. Ryan
Reviewed by Christopher Scull

Published by Yale University Press

The Anthropology of Hunter-Gatherers: key themes for archaeologists
By Vicki Cummings
Reviewed by Thomas Kador

Published by Bloomsbury

The Correspondence of Joseph Black: volumes one and two
Edited by Robert G. W. Anderson and Jean Jones
Reviewed by David Cranstone

Published by Ashgate

The Early and Middle Bronze Age Spearheads of Britain
By Richard Davis, with a contribution by Jeremy P. Northover
Reviewed by Brendan O’Connor

Published by Franz Steiner Verlag

The Idea of Order: the circular archetype in prehistoric Europe
By Richard Bradley
Reviewed by Niall Sharples

Published by Oxford University Press

Visualising the Neolithic
Edited by Andrew Cochrane and Andrew Meirion Jones
Reviewed by George Nash

Published by Oxbow Books

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