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Book Reviews - Volume 169

An Iron Age Enclosure and Romano-British Features at High Post, near Salisbury
By Andrew B. Powell
Reviewed by James Morris

Ancient Trees in the Landscape: Norfolk's arboreal heritage
By Gerry Barnes and Tom Williamson
Reviewed by Keith Kirby

Archangels and Archaeology: J.S.M. Ward's Kingdom of the Wise
By Geoffrey Ginn
Reviewed by Rhianedd Smith

Atlantic Europe in the First Millennium BC: Crossing the Divide
Edited by Tom Moore and Xosé-Lois Armada
Reviewed by Bettina Arnold

Becoming an Archaeologist: A Guide to Professional Pathways
By Joe Flatman
Reviewed by Duncan Wright

Bronze Age Ceremonial Enclosures and Cremation Cemetery at Eye Kettleby, Leicestershire: the development of a prehistoric landscape
By Neil Finn
Reviewed by Timothy Champion

Cosmetic Sets of Late Iron Age and Roman Britain
By Ralph Jackson
Reviewed by Karen Pollock

Deserted Villages Revisited
Edited by Christopher Dyer and Richard Jones
Reviewed by Lucy Ryder

Excavations at Chester. The western and southern Roman extramural settlements: a Roman community on the edge of the world
By Simon W. Ward, David J. P. Mason and John McPeake
Reviewed by Pete Wilson

Experimental Archaeology: 1. Early Bronze Age Cremation Pyres 2. Iron Age Grain Storage
By Alistair Marshall
Reviewed by Kate Waddington

From Machair to Mountains: Archaeological Survey and Excavation in South Uist
Edited by Michael Parker Pearson
Reviewed by Gary Robinson

Hoards, Hounds and Helmets. A conquest-period ritual site at Hallaton, Leicestershire
By Vicki Score
Reviewed by John Manley

Infernal Traffic: Excavation of a Liberated African Graveyard in Rupert's Valley, St Helena
Edited by Andrew Pearson, Ben Jeffs, Annsofie Witkin and Helen MacQuarrie
Reviewed by Niall Finneran

Investigating Animal Burials: Ritual, Mundane and Beyond
By James Morris
Reviewed by Julie Bond

Ironwork in Medieval Britain: an archaeological study
By Ian H. Goodall
Reviewed by Patrick Ottaway

London 1100-1600: The Archaeology of a Capital City
By John Scofield
Reviewed by Patrick Ottaway

Neanderthals Among Mammoths: Excavations at Lynford Quarry, Norfolk
Edited by William A Boismier, Clive Gamble and Fiona Coward
Reviewed by James Cole

New Voices on Early Medieval Sculpture in Britain and Ireland
Edited by Michael F. Reed
Reviewed by Joanne Kirton

Piccadilly Place - Uncovering Manchester's Industrial Origins
By Ian Miller, Chris Wild and Richard Gregory
Reviewed by David J. Breeze
Review includes the following:
The Rock Triangle, Bury: The Archaeology of an Industrial Suburb
By Ian Miller and Richard Gregory
Discovering Coccium: The Archaeology of Roman Wigan
By Ian Miller and Bill Aldridge
Rediscovering Bradford: Archaeology in the Engine Room of Manchester
By Ian Miller
Slices Through Time, Greater Manchester's Historic Character Revealed
By Lesley Mitchell, Carolanne King, Norman Redhead, Alan Kidd, Jo Hill and Kerry Walmsley
An Industrial Art: The Archaeology of Calico Printing in the Irwell Valley
By Ian Miller

Re(Thinking) the Little Ancestor: New Perspectives on the Archaeology of Infancy and Childhood
Edited by Mike Lally and Alison Moore
Reviewed by Ruth Nugent

Recent Archaeological Work in South-Western Britain: Papers in Honour of Henrietta Quinnell
Edited by Susan Pearce
Reviewed by Niall Finneran

Ritual, Belief and the Dead in Early Modern Britain and Ireland
By Sarah Tarlow
Reviewed by Alison Smithson

Roman Camps in Scotland
By Rebecca H. Jones
Reviewed by Rob Collins

Roman London and the Walbrook stream crossing: Excavations at 1 Poultry and vicinity, City of London. Parts 1 and 2
By Julian Hill and Peter Rowsome
Reviewed by Michael Fulford

Scale and Scale Change in the Early Middle Ages: Exploring Landscape, Local Society and the World Beyond
Edited by Julio Escalona and Andrew Reynolds
Reviewed by Neil Christie

St Paul's Cathedral before Wren
By John Scofield
Reviewed by Kevin Blockley

Studies in Early Anglo-Saxon Art and Archaeology: Papers in Honour of Martin G. Welch
Edited by Stuart Brookes, Sue Harrington and Andrew Reynolds
Reviewed by Tania M. Dickinson

Textiles and Textile Production in Europe: From Prehistory to AD 400
Edited by Margarita Gleba and Ulla Mannering
Reviewed by Sophie Bergerbant

The Archaeology of Colonialism: Intimate Encouters and Sexual Effects
By Barbara Voss and Eleanor Conlin Casella
Reviewed by Anne Teather

The Archaeology of Medieval Novgorod in Context: Studies in Centre/Periphery Relations
Edited by Mark A. Brisbane, Nikolaj A. Makarov and Evgenij N. Nosov
Reviewed by Neil Price

The Archaeology of Post-Medieval Religion
Edited by Chris King and Duncan Sayer
Reviewed by Sarah Tarlow

The Art of Anglo-Saxon England
By Catherine Karkov
Reviewed by Gabor Thomas

‘The beste and fayrest of al Lincolnshire' The Church of St Botolph, Boston, Lincolnshire and its Medieval Monuments
Edited by Sally Badham and Paul Cockerham
Reviewed by SOPHIE Oosterwijk

The Frontiers of Imperial Rome
By David Breeze
Reviewed by Matthew Symonds

The Guildhall, Ludlow
By Madge Moran
Reviewed by Paul Stamper

The Iron Age in Northern East Anglia: New Work in the Land of the Iceni
Edited by John A. Davies
Reviewed by Colin Haselgrove

The Oxford Handbook of Anglo-Saxon Archaeology
Edited by Helena Hamerow, David A. Hinton and Sally Crawford
Reviewed by Ruth Nugent

The Oxford Handbook of Public Archaeology
Edited by Robin Skeates, Carol McDavid and John Carman
Reviewed by Faye Simpson

Wearing the Cloak: Dressing the Soldier in Roman Times
Edited by Marie-Louise Nosch
Reviewed by John Peter Wild

Wharram: A Study of the Settlement on the Yorkshire Wolds, XIII A History of Wharram Percy and its Neighbours
Edited by S. Wrathmell
Reviewed by Duncan Wright

Woden's Warriors: Warriors and Warfare in 6th to 7th Century Northern Europe
By Paul Mortimer with Nigel Amos and Stephen Pollington
Reviewed by Howard Williams

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