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A Viking Age mass grave, Ridgeway Hill, Dorset

Dr Louise Loe

Debate: How and why did Britain become Neolithic?

Dr Alison Sheridan, Professor Julian Thomas and Professor Alasdair Whittle
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Archaeology within the National Trust

Ian Barnes
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The Monuments of the Khmer Empire from the 6th to the 13th centuries A.D.

Dr Michael O'Brien
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The Coronation Chair and Stone of Scone re-examined

Professor Warwick Rodwell and Marie Louise Sauerberg
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Kings of the Iron Age

Professor Tim Champion

Debate: The limits of imperial power: the function of military frontier walls

Professor David Breeze and Professor Eberhard Sauer
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Kenilworth Castle: the progress and the hunt

Dr Anna Keay
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The oldest Irish tradition: Tara and sacral kingship

Conor Newman
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The origins of the kingdom of Wessex: the archaeology of the Gewisse

Professor Helena Hamerow