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2024 Spring Meeting

The Spring Meeting (event) was held in Newark on Saturday, 11 May and was led by Dr Mark Gardiner and Mr Peter Ginn.


Iron Age and Roman Silchester: Fifty years of research in perspective

Once thought to be a worked-out site following the Society of Antiquaries’ excavations, 1890 – 1909, excavations at Silchester (Calleva Atrebatum) since the 1970s have shown rema

Professor Michael Fulford

The Justinianic Plague in England: archaeological contexts and consequences

The ‘First Pandemic’, an outbreak of bubonic plague which struck Constantinople in the late spring of AD 542, was relatively well recorded by some contemporary writers.

Professor John Hines

Last chance to see. The threat of climate change to Roman Vindolanda and Magna

This lecture will focus on the increasing detrimental effects of climate change on the buried archaeological deposits at the forts of Vindolanda and Magna.

Dr Andrew Birley

Life, death and worship at HM Tower of London

The Tower of London is one of the most important and sensitive historic sites in the world.

Alfred Hawkins

Footmarks. An archaeology of movement

Can we ever know what it was like to move in the past; to understand its meanings and complexities?

Dr Jim Leary

New fieldwork at Hinton St Mary, Dorset: the mosaic in context

This talk will present the results of three seasons of fieldwork at the site of the discovery of the Hinton St Mary mosaic, uncovered by chance 60 years ago behind the blacksmith’s forge.

Dr Richard Hobbs and Dr Peter Guest
Members only

Building Westminster Hall: modelling the original roof structure

Before building, the architect needs certain facts about the site, the overall cost, the materials required and where they can be obtained.

Dr Gavin Simpson

Recent excavations in the amphitheatre, fort and town of Richborough

Richborough has long been regarded as a key site in the history of Roman Britain, due to the excavations by J.P Bushe-Fox, which were published in five volumes between and 1926 and 1968.

Tony Wilmott

Reconstructing Bury St Edmunds Abbey

Dr Steven Brindle