Settling Down, Moving on and Coming Back – Prehistoric Discoveries at Llanfaethlu

Catherine Rees & Matthew Jones
Burlington House, Piccadilly, London W1J 0BE


Ymgartrefu, Symud Ymlaen a Dod yn ôl - Darganfyddiadau Cynhanesiol yn Llanfaethlu

Archaeological excavations in advance of the construction of a new school at Llanfaethlu, Ynys Môn (Anglesey) uncovered Mesolithic and later Prehistoric remains of national significance, including a Mesolithic tree-throw containing a sizable lithic assemblage and disarticulated human remains, 4 early Neolithic long houses, middle and late Neolithic pit groups, an inhumation, and a burnt mound. We await the radiocarbon dates on the human remains from the tree throw, but if of Mesolithic date they will be the only remains from this period recovered from Cymru (Wales) found in non-cave locations.

The group of four contemporary early Neolithic houses is also unique in Cymru, hinting further at strong similarities with sites in Éire (Ireland). As post excavation works near completion, we discuss the development of the site and the repeated use of the locale over millennia.